10,000 Square Foot 1 Story Building
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Our Team

Joseph Hentze Senior Broker
Dimitrios Sidiropoulos Broker
Rick Robbins Broker
Brian Kim Broker
Ian Jeon Salesperson
Fina Gonzalez Broker
Chris KIm Salesperson
Anna Koutsoulidakis Property Manager/Office Manager
Tom Chamoun salesperson
Lisa Ramirez Accounting Coordinator


Are you thinking about a real estate career? Or are you an established agent looking for new career opportunities?

The Hentze-Dor team is a tightly knit group of professionals who understand the importance of sharing information and working in conjunction with one another. If you are tired of being an island by yourself and want to benefit from the synergy created at Hentze-Dor Real Estate, please feel free to contact us.